Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Audit Committee Charter
Conflicts and Compensation Committee Charter
Governance Guidelines
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Executive Sessions
Our corporate governance guidelines provide that the non-management directors will meet periodically in executive sessions without management participation.  At least annually, all of the independent directors of our general partner meet in executive sessions without management participation or participation by non-independent directors.  Currently, the chairman of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors presides at the executive sessions of the non-management directors and the executive sessions of the independent directors.

Communication with the Board
Interested parties may communicate directly with the independent Board members by submitting in an envelope marked “Confidential” addressed to the “Independent Members of the Board” in care of the Secretary of the General Partner at:

Kimbell Royalty Partners, LP
777 Taylor Street, Suite 810
Fort Worth, TX  76102

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